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With the use of the right bacterial products maintenance can be kept to minimum.


In order to keep your aquarium clean and healthy there is a certain amount of maintenance that you will have to perform. Cleaning the filter, partial water changes, and cleaning of the substrate and ornaments are important parts of the maintenance.

  • The filters should be cleaned as needed, but should in most cases be done at least once a month. Since you will lose some of the “Good Bacteria” when you clean the filter, you can inoculate your filter media at each cleaning with RIGHT BACTERIA to avoid spikes in ammonia and nitrite.

  • If you test your water weekly and use the correct products to help control waste build up in the aquarium you can keep water changes to a minimum. Performing them only when needed, however, some people like to do them on a schedule just to play it safe. If you prefer to do water changes on a schedule you can do them in a way that works for you. (20% a month, 10% every two weeks, etc.)

  • If you have uneaten food and waste building up in the gravel and on the ornaments you will need to siphon it out or remove the ornaments for cleaning. Adding MICROBEACT and Substrate Cleaner to the aquarium as directed will greatly reduce the need for this.


Note: Make sure to use the proper water conditioners whenever adding water to the aquarium.

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Water Conditioning / Treatments
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