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Behind the smell of our microbial  mixture  is a precise balance of nutrients, bacterial aids and natural growth accelerator. MICROBEACT® products are based on years of development field trials and university studies, with proven success in a variety of organic waste markets. MICROBEACT® products are proprietary formulas based on targeting select bacteria for specific applications. These bacteria formulas are grown and stabilized for long shelf life, and are easy to apply in the field to address the specific needs.

MICROBE ACT contains  number of products to decontaminate wastewater and speed the purification process by augmenting the biological environment. Flocculants speed the rate of coagulation of sludge; enzymes, fungi, and microbial remove nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, and odors.


MICROBE ACT  Products Assist In:


  • Bio augmentation of the biological system

  • Denitrification

  • Phosphate removal

  • Sludge and waste minimization

  • Heavy Metals Removal

  • Sludge dewatering and Valorization to produce bioenergy

  • BOD-COD-TSS- odor and color removal

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