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Facts about soil microorganisms:

       •1 gram of soil contains:

                  -1 million (1x106) fungi.

                  -1 billion (1x109) bacteria.

       •1 ton of bacteria per acre (2,000 lbs).

       •In that gram, there are between  4,000 to 10,000 species of bacteria.

     •Estimates are that there are between 1 million and 100 million species of

......bacteria;  only 0.5% to 0.005% are likely described in detail.

     •90%-95% of the cells on or in the human body are bacteria.


QUANTUM  release follows 30 + years R&D and field evaluations of soil biology functions and microbial enhancement technology.

QUANTUM  is highly concentrated 100% water soluble bio-formulation consisting of a select series of spore-forming microorganisms and macro-nutrients to support,improve,and speed biological conversion and removal within environmental processes.

Efforts targeted natural biological restoration and enhancement of essential soil web species via biological processes.


QUANTUM  is an all-natural microbial inoculum that improves plant health and vigor through a symbiosis with plant roots.  


QUANTUM consists of selected bacteria strains that colonize plant root systems. The beneficial bacteria in QUANTUM  produce substances that are utilized by the plant for increased vigor and resistance to damage by pathogens and damping off disease. Organic acids produced by microbials can solubilize phosphates and increase soil fertility.

The rhizobacteria in QUANTUM, used in a disease prevention program, have been shown to reduce the amount of chemical sprays needed for disease control.

QUANTUM  is available as a dry soluble powder that can be applied in the furrow, used as a transplant root dip, applied in a drip irrigation system or applied to other plant parts.

QUANTUM   is to be mixed with water and spray or drench applied or injected through an irrigation system.

Resistance to Plant Pathogens

Biological control is the reduction of plant pathogens or parasites by using one or more organisms that are natural antagonists. Successful biocontrol utilizes cultural practices and plant selection to create an environment favorable to antagonists and host plant resistance. Mass introduction of beneficial organisms or agents is effective on this basis.

The naturally occurring bacteria strains in The beneficial bacteria in QUANTUM  produce substances that are utilized by the plant for increased vigor and resistance to damage by pathogens and invading organisms, including nematodes and soil fungi and damping off disease.

QUANTUM   is non-toxic to plants, animals and humans. It is non-polluting and safe for the environment.

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