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Natural Backyard Chicken Coop Cleaner & Deodorizer​


Chicken manure is very high in nitrogen content, a factor which leads to the emission of high concentrations of ammonia. As a result, toxic concentrations of ammonia can build up in coops. MICROBEACT /CCC&D helps to remove the generation of ammonia from waste, improving bird health & reducing maintenance.

MICROBEACT /CCC&D incorporates the action of stable, highly-active microbial cultures specifically selected for rapid uptake of ammonia ions with nontoxic ingredients that capture typical odors associated with chicken waste & litter.

Specific Benefits
  • Eliminates ammonia odors from chicken manure

  • Improves conditions for better health

  • Accelerates breakdown of litter & waste

  • Increases nutrient value of litter for compost

  • Effective on all types of chicken waste

  • Convenient to apply by simply spraying directly on all surfaces & litter

  • Utilizes natural microbes & proprietary odor neutralizers to maintain a cleaner, healthier environment in coops & yards

  • Safe for users, poultry & the environment

  • Product is readily biodegradable



  • 32oz. Spray Bottles

  • Gal (3.785 L) Jug w/Pump



  • Simply spray all interior coop surfaces & litter weekly .

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