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List of Abbreviations and Acronyms


ac        acctive constituent

ADI      acceptable daily intake (for humans)

ai         active ingredient

d          Day

EbC50 concentration at which there is an effect on 50% of the biomass of an algae population

EC50   concentration at which 50% of the test population are immobilised

EUP     end use product


ha        hectare

HPL     Chigh pressure liquid chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography

in vitro outside the living body and in an artificial environment

in vivo  inside the living body of a plant or animal

kg         kilogram

L           litre

LC50    concentration that kills 50% of the test population of organisms

LD50    dosage of chemical that kills 50% of the test population of organisms

LOQ     Limit of quantitation

mg       milligram

mL       millilitre

MRL    Maximum Residue Limit

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

NDPSC  National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee

ng        nanogram

NOEC/NOEL   no observable effect concentration/level

ppb      parts per billion

PPE     Personal Protective Equipment

ppm     parts per million

s          Second

SC       suspension concentrate

SUSDP   Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons

T-Value  a value used to determine the First Aid Instructions for chemical products that contain two or more poisons

TGAC     technical grade active constituent

mg       microgram

WDG    water dispersible granule

WHP    withholding period

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