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Break Down Unsightly Debris!


MICROBEACT/OXY POND  will safely yet immediately breakdown accumulated debris from rocks,

streams and on waterfalls.

  • Uses Oxygen Power to break down unsightly debris

  • Especially helpful on streams and waterfalls

  • Deep cleans planters and rocks

  • Oxidizes and Detoxifies

  • Helps to prevent pond odors

Use Weekly to Eliminate Stressful Pond Draining

MICROBEACT/OXY POND  will safely spot-treat all areas of light-to-heavy accumulations of debris on rocks, waterfalls, streams, planters, etc.

MICROBEACT/OXY POND is 100% safe when used as directed.


MICROBEACT/OXY POND is not temperature sensitive but works best in warmer weather. To achieve the best results, manually clean out as much accumulated debris from the pond as possible and shut down waterfalls before cleaning. Do not dilute. To treat areas with debris build up, sprinkle over areas needing treatment.

Make direct contact but avoid live plants where possible.

To maintain a continued proper ecosystem in your pond, always add Microbe Act/HC, or any bacterial/enzymatic treatment, 48 hours after using MICROBEACT/OXY POND.

CAUTION : Keep out of reach of children.


BEFORE USE: Use MICROBEACT Ammonia Test Strips to test for the presence of ammonia in your pond water. If ammonia levels are above 0.8mg/L, DO NOT apply MICROBEACT/OXY POND until the ammonia level is brought down below 0.8mg/L. If ammonia levels exceed 1.0mg/L, add MICROBEACT Ammonia Remover.

After Use - Ammonia levels should be monitored for two days following applications of ANY/ALL oxygen release compounds as they can kill beneficial bacteria in a pond/lake resulting in an ammonia or nitrite spike. Use MICROBEACT Ammonia Test Strips to test for the presence of ammonia. If your ammonia levels exceed 1.0mg/L., add MICROBEACT  Ammonia Remover to reduce the ammonia level to 0.8mg/L or below.

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