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 MICROBE ACT   line of products are the very best product technology  which are safe to   use    around pets, plants and people, for septic systems and waste water at a fair price.    

The bacterial products are non-toxic and highly effective and helping reduce COD, O&G, ODOR, NH3-N, TP for wastewater treatment bioaugmentation and surface water bioremediation. 


Feel free to contact if any project need improve performance and meet regulation there. You can benefit from microbial products as following:

  1. Bioaugmentation for biological treatment efficiency without extra equip / footprint

  2. Bioremediation for urban water / surface water pollution

  3. Sewerage grease & oil clog degradation

  4. Landfill leachate treatment

  5. Biological odor control 

  6. Organic fertilizer composting inoculant and biogas boost

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