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Equine Odor Eliminator

Specially formulated to eliminateodors on walls and floors in barns, stalls and stables.

A fast-acting environmentally friendly odor control formula with the effectiveness

of deep cleaning microbes.

  • Rapidly neutralizes and eliminates odors without relying on the use of masking agentsor hazardous chemical oxidizers

  • Selectively adapted bacteria reduces or eliminates odor by degrading volatile amines and mercaptans at accelerated rates

  • A proprietary biological stimulant enhancers the activity of the bacteria, as well as indigenous strains, resulting in higher rates of degradation

  • Long shelf-life

  • Immediate and long-term effects



This product will provide odor control alleviating animal discomfort from high ammonia levelsthat can result in biting of ears and tails. In many cases animals increase weight gain.

The microorganisms present in the product germinate and colonies surfaces to become established. Organisms growing on surfaces will partially slough off and seed the lines in the waste collection system. There they wil assist in degradation of waste organics on surfaces maintaining cleanliness.

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