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Animal Odor Eliminators

ODOR ELIMINATOR specially formulated for cattle, poultry and hog barns, walls, pens, and floors


MICROBEACT /AOE is an innovative patent-pending advancement in odor control technology.

MICROBEACT /AOE provides deep and effective cleaning, unique to microbial activity. In addition, the fast-acting proprietary natural ingredients neutralize odor causing chemicals, such as amines, ammonia, mercaptans, and hydrogen sulfide.

After neutralization, these compounds are subsequently biodegraded by the selectively-adapted strains incorporated in MICROBEACT /AOE.


This product is effective against a variety of nitrogen-and-sulfur-containing compounds, classically associated with waste-odor problems including amines, ammonia, mercaptans, and hydrogen sulfide. The accelerated biodegradation of odorous organic compounds is enhanced by the selectively adapted strains found in MICROBEACT /AOE, and is assisted by specially formulated microbial growth stimulating ingredients.

MICROBEACT /AOE dramatically reduces odors by attacking and degrading the organic source of the odor.


Specific Benefits

  • Rapidly neutralizes and eliminates odors without relying on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidizers

  • Selectively adapted bacteria reduces or eliminates odor by degrading volatile amines and mercaptans at accelerated rates

  • A proprietary biological stimulant enhances the activity of the bacteria, as well as indigenous strains, resulting in higher rates of degradation

  • Long shelf-life

  • Rapid and long-term effects



  • This product will provide odor control alleviating animal discomfort from high ammonia levels that can result in biting of ears and tails.

  • In many cases animals increase weight gain.

  • The microorganisms present in the product germinate and colonize surfaces to become established.

  • Organisms growing on surfaces will partially slough off and seed the lines in the waste collection system.

  • There they will assist in degradation of waste organics on surfaces maintaining cleanliness in collection lines, maintaining a free-flowing system, and in lagoons assisting in waste treatment.

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