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MICROBE ACT  products to decontaminate wastewater and speed the purification process by augmenting the biological environment. Flocculants speed the rate of coagulation of sludge; enzymes, fungi, and microbial remove nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, and odors.


MICROBE ACT   products Assist In:


  • Bio augmentation of the biological system

  • Denitrification

  • Phosphate removal

  • Sludge and waste minimization.

  • Heavy Metals Removal

  • Sludge dewatering and Valorization to produce bioenergy.

  • BOD-COD-TSS- odor and color removal.





Odors occur when the breakdown of organic material is slowed and noxious gases are trapped in an enclosed space.


Odor control products facilitate a rapid transformation process that eliminates the source of foul odors, using enzymes, fungi, and other components that are completely safe for users and the environment.





Being one of the main institutional industries, you cannot afford but to take good care of our environment. To your clients and staffs more to the point hotels usually produces lots of wastewater, garbage, grease and sludge that causes more problems than one can account for.


MICROBE ACT   products can taking care of many situations like :


  1. Sludge and bad smell in sewerage tanks,  

  2. Clogging in the kitchen pipes,

  3. Smell from flow traps and  kitchens,

  4. Reducing oil and grease in the grease traps,

  5. Bad smell in the room toilets,

  6. Flies and other insects in the drainage.


This will also take care of the insect’s problems that are created with the result of all things that mentioned.


Grease Trap
Grease Trap
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