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 MICROBEACT / HC  (Stress Relief)  

       Detoxifies free ions of heavy metals

  • Helps to reduce stress, heal wounds and bruises

  • Helps to restore protective slime coat

  • Will not affect the ion balance of pH

  • Provides additional vitamins and immune supplements

  • Heals missing scales

  • Minimizes infections


MICROBEACT / HC(Stress Relief) is not a medication and should not be used as a substitute for any recommended medication.

Aloe Vera has been proven to regenerate raw tissue, blood spots and help to replace damaged slime coats. When fish are transported and placed into new environments, stress is generally exhibited.

Also, use MICROBEACT/ HC (Stress Relief) any time fish are sick to accelerate the healing process.

Heavy metals in the pond water may be lethal to your fish. MICROBEACT / HC (Stress Relief) helps to detoxify the free ions in zinc, copper and iron.

Available Sizes

  • 16 oz. (SRP16) Treats up to 960 gals.

  • 32 oz. (SRP32) Treats up to 1,920 gals.

  • 1 gallon (SRPG1) Treats up to 7,680 gals.



  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Follow directions carefully.

  • Avoid skin or eye contact.

  • If contact occurs, flush area thoroughly with cold water.

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