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 Flocculant Plus 

Water Clarifier


A proprietary formulation (polymeric blend) used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water.  After use, particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pond and/or filter out through the filter system.

  • Clears cloudy water

  • Safe for aquatic life and plants

  • Attracts suspended particles

  • Improves filtration


Available Sizes

  • 16 oz. (FPLUS16) Treats up to 16,000 gals.

  • 32 oz. (FPLUS32) Treats up to 32,000 gals.

  • 1 gal. (FPLUSGAL) Treats up to 128,000 gals.

  • 16 oz. (FPLUS16F) Treats up to 16,000 gals. (Bilingual French & English Packaging)

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