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 MICROBEACT/ DryAmmonia Remover with ClorAm-X 

Removes & Detoxifies: Ammonia, Chloramines & Chlorine


For Fresh & Salt Water


New and Improved Formula


MICROBEACT / Dry Ammonia Remover uses a PATENTED process that removes chlorine, DESTROYS chloramines and completely ELIMINATES the ammonia that is left behind when the chloramine bond is broken.

  • Ship live animals without toxic ammonia problems for 72+ hours

  • Can be combined with antibiotics and anesthetics

  • Completely safe for biofilters

  • Tested with shrimp, shellfish, aquatic invertebrates


Suitable for Use with Fish & Shellfish Intended for Human Consumption.


Test with salicylic sp ammonia test kit. Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to a non-toxic form (ammonium) which is then removed by the filter.


  • 1 lb: 3,760 gal. (14, 233 L)

  • 5 lb: 18,800 gal. (71,165 L)

  • 10 lb: 37,600 gal. (142,331 L)

  • 55 lb: 206,800 gal. (782,820 L)


For total ammonia-nitrogen, multiply the above dosages by 0.8


Patented:  U.S. 4,666,610 / Canada 1,300,286 / Japan 1850992 / Europe 0203741


It is against the U.S. Federal Law to repackage or remanufacture this product.

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