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Algaecide For Ponds – Stops Algae Growth

Control string algae!

No more green water with MICROBEACT/AlgAway Algaecide!

It stops algae growth in ponds and can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants!

Will not harm fish or live ornamental plants Ingredients

Active Ingredients:

  • Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) ethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride: 5.40%

  • Other Ingredients: 94.60%


Available Sizes

  • 8 oz. (ALGA08) Treats 2,839 gals.

  • 16 oz. (ALGA16) Treats 5,678 gals.

  • 32 oz. (ALGA32) Treats 11,356 gals.

  • 1 gallon (ALGAGAL) Treats 45,424 gals.

  • 2.5 Gallon Tote (ALGA2.5) Treats 113,560 Gallons



  • In ponds, insure that water is well aerated via waterfall, fountain or other method to prevent fish loss.

  • Aeration must be continuous.

  • Not safe for use with snails, shrimp and other crustaceans or mollusks.

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