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8.5 pH Buffer Stabilizer

African Cichlids Sets Freshwater at a pH of 8.5


Use for:

  • Tap Water

  • Tank Water

  • Change Water


Treats up to 10,884 gal. (41,141 L.)



  • Particularly for African Cichlids, make frequent partial water changes (20%- 40% every 2-3 weeks)                                                   and readjust pH as necessary.


Rift Lakes pH Readings:

Lakeph RangeAvg. pH




* If desired, double the usage of the buffer per 30 gallons to achieve a slightly higher pH target for Tanganyika species.



  • Contains a proprietary blend of four sodium and bicarbonate salts, together  with essential trace elements which occur naturally in the African “Rift Lakes” Cichlid-waters of Lake Malawi, Victoria and Tanganyika.



  • Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Follow directions carefully.

  • Avoid inhaling powder-dust.


Available Sizes

  • 8.8 oz. (250 g.) (PH8.5SM) Treats up to 1,500 gal. (5,670 L.)

  • 17.6 oz. (500 g.) (PH8.5MD) Treats up to 3,000 gal. (11,340 L.)

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